Endless Appreciation For Kim Jaejoong's Existence
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Anonymous: Hey Tammie did you hear about ZEA's leader Lee Hoo and how he outed the president of Star Empire for unfair treatment, unfair disproportion of wages, and abuse and such on social media? As well as some male ex-trainees revealing to sources about how they were sexually abused in an unrevealed company? If so do you think about leaders and bands will start speaking up? Or do you think its specific to Star Empire and smaller companies? Just curious to your thoughts.

actually ive been following that story a lot

ive read translations in both english and thai for all the tweets

since im not in the fandom i dont actually know 10000% what is happening

but from what ive read i think it was a brave thing for him to do

do i think this will change anything in the kpop industry in general?


im still in disbelief about what he said happened

that he actually bought the company and the ceo willingly changing their pay ratio and everything

its completely different when its a big company tho

there is literally no chance in hell that jyj could ‘buy’ sm entertainment 

like even now with all the money that they have they still cant

we’re talking unimaginable amounts of money ok

i think sm ent would probably crush them because they are just annoying little shits to them 

i dont actually understand what happened in the end tho after lee hoo negotiated with teh ceo

like how he said he’s gonna run the company now like does that mean he’s responsible for all other groups and everything too? idk

also about the ex trainee its still not confirmed if its star empire tho

honestly reading about that and reading lee hoo’s tweets worried me a lot

not that i didnt guess rape and sexual abuse and abuse in general happened in the industry a lot

its just no one actually came out and confirmed my fears ya know

not that im accusing sme of doing those things but the possibilities are endless

he said he was forced to lie about breaking his leg

and my mind literally goes back to every single thing i have ever witnessed the five of them had to go through for the past 8 years that i’ve been a fan

suddenly everything that i ever knew maybe wasnt true at all

did jaejoong really break his leg during rehearsal for rising sun? did this happen? im second guessing everything i ever knew since i was 12 years old

the chance that they had to learn to lie with a straight face is probably more often than we know

the fact that rape and sexual abuse or any sort of abuse could be connected to any of the five of them since trainee days really really makes me sick

trainee days ok we’re talking like younger than 18 years old and it couldve continued to who knows when

like i cant even think about this anymore

im glad someone came out and confirmed this now when im 20 years old and jyj got out of that shit hole of a company

cause if i knew about this 8 years ago i dont really think i could deal with it

and the sad thing is this is the reality that all kpop stars have to live with

its honestly a never ending battle and i will remain sad and bitter about this

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Anonymous: yes thats true. it's not that i dont love changmin or anything bc i do but i cant say i agree with his comment regardless of if the translation was accurate or not. i do understand tho that he was angry and the culture difference is a big thing. for jyj to go against their company is against what a lot the idols grew up believing, regardless of how they are treated. but i agree with you, i guess no one should dwell on these things. its been years and it doesnt matter anymore. it prob never did.

yeah i understand what u mean

i also dont agree with some things that happen

but i guess i accepted it at some point

im sorry if i sounded defensive because i didnt mean it that way

thank you for sharing anon chann

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jaejoong cutely saying i like you to the producers instead of i like it

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freudandsummer: Tell me, please, after the concert in Thailand, if Jaejoong has ass or not .... I couldn't see the butt on today at IAG, but in the Red Carpet Salon before IAG I could see that he was now a little of butt, but not as advantaged as it is in this picture of your DP hahha *fans discussing the ass of Jaejoong* looks how madness is in this situation...hahhahha....BUT I LOVE BUTT <3 One day I will do a t-shirt saying: I <3 BUTT hahhaha I'm weird, I now ^_^

lmao i’ll get back to u on thatttt

hopefully i’ll see his butt clearly

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Anonymous: Omg, tammie chan . I can't believe you listened to my comment about changing you DP to jaejoong booty . Lol. Should I come off anon ? Btw, I was the one who said 'jaejoong did some squats to get that ass ' comment too .



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“JS: So far, it’s not difficult because of age. Maybe it’s because Jaejoong-ssi is slow to recover from a hangover? (Laughs)
YC: Last time, sleeping for only 2hours is sufficient. But now, even sleeping for a day is not enough for him to recover. (laughs)”