Endless Appreciation For Kim Jaejoong's Existence
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Where do I apply to be a manager…

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"SME isnt that bad stop overreactin——"

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ilangilanglt: Pls tell me what's the incident with the fans and celebs in Thailand. Thank you. I have no idea.
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Anonymous: What's going on? I'm so confused
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grendel91: What exactly happened with Jaejoong? I feel lost because I don't know what's going on.
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Anonymous: Is it true that some fans are leaving jae bcoz of the incident? That wld be insane, bcoz for all we know he was invited to party frm thailand local artists and out of curtesy he went, n get accused 4 siding and be closed freinds with that celebrities?? I dont think jae even knows their past. Its not like jae can read eng or thai news to know abt their past crime. Latest it is true nutt just call fans 'rats'? N i thot the one who sister killed 9 in an accident is nat thepasadin? (frm eng news)

what no way dude

omg no ones leaving jaejoong at all

omg why would u think that

no ones leavingg him for sure

oh nut and nat is the same person

its pronounced nut in thai so i called him nut

but yeah he’s the one that had the sister that killed 9 ppl

the guy that fucking called us rats this morning isnt nutt

hes the one with the instagram chakrapol_jax

lmao idk if he deleted it already tho because ppl got fucking angry

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